Traveling’s Over!

I have ended my travels due to a medical emergency with my son. Matt is 29 years old and is one of the busiest guys I know. With gusto and love, he travels, rock climbs, surfs, and works full-time raising money for a nonprofit. However, Matt experienced a rare hemorrhagic stroke that has debilitated him greatly. We are confident he will recover fully, though the road may be long. We are lucky to still have him with us.

I wanted to let all of you know I am now settled in LA, California attending to his needs. My furthest destination on this second leg was Jekyll Is, Georgia.

When this chapter has ended, I hope to be moving to Oregon sometime in the future. This was an amazing adventure and I am so glad I had the opportunity to travel these last several months. I met some wonderful people, saw people I knew and loved, and loved my rig which allowed me to visit many beautiful terrains.

Though there is always so much more to see and learn, I feel complete. I coincidentally mentioned to Matt just days before the stroke, that if the trip ended right then, I was fine with it.

I learned so much from being alone on the road and creating the days for myself. I think in some ways, this trip has allowed me to once again give to others, love my life in a more full way and to some degree feel more fully here. I don’t feel as distracted by grief, though Matt’s condition has added a layer not expected. I feel dedicated to Matt, dedicated to helping in an unobtrusive way, hoping he can move on with as much love of life as he had had.

Thank you for being interested in this blog, and keeping with me in my travels. I did not feel so lonely because of it.

Many happy travels to you,



6 thoughts on “Traveling’s Over!

  1. bduyan says:

    An amazing journey. And now you are where you need to be. Thank you for taking us along on your travels and for sharing Matt’s story. May he soon be back to feeling his old self. I have no doubt, that when the timing is right, Oregon will better for your arrival there.


  2. Sheila says:

    Oh the impermanence of life. I am so sorry to read about Matt’s medical situation. You sound hopeful and I’m glad for that. We are back in Kalispell. I’ll call you soon.
    With love. Sheila


  3. Terry Edeli says:

    There are so many ways to love life, each other and this world of ours. I am so happy you had such a transformational adventure…AND….That you can now take that free spirit and open heart and devote yourself to Matt. I’ll be sending daily thoughts and wishes for a complete recovery. And I imagine this time with Matt will be just as transformational as the more physical journey around the country. With lasting love…


  4. Lynn Tunstall says:

    Elizabeth, thank you so much for your update. You, Courtney, and Matt have been in my thoughts ever since Cathy let us know of the situation.


  5. Gini Erck says:

    Dear Elizabeth,
    You continue to inspire. From the breadth and sheer gutsiness of your very excellent adventure to the love and dedication you bring to Matt and this new challenge, your life is an inspiration. We missed all of you at the Park celebration, but felt the spirit of your family and now celebrate Matt’s road to recovery with you. A different road, but another healing one. You have proven that you are very good at that.
    With our love to all of you,
    Gini, David, Seph and Sylvie


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