Arizona, Again!

I’m back in Arizona! I will be making a last trip before the holidays to visit with my brother, Roy and his wife, Carol. I decided to run another post because the last one neglected to mention things I’ve been up to these last several weeks.

After leaving Allison in Sedona, I went back to LA to visit with Matt and Deble.  Deble and I got in some good eating, but unfortunately, I got sick and so Deble’s time with me was a mixed bag. We did have dinner with Matt, which was great and a little walking around.(Don’t worry, there will be some good times in New Orleans this coming March!)

Thanksgiving was spent in Berkeley with Courtney, Isabella and Emil as well as Matt. Matt and I drove up in the rig and stayed in the Anthony Chabot campground on Lake Chabot, Oakland. When I booked it online, I could swear it was for full hookups. Not so. No hookups at all! But, it was a good reminder that I can actually dry camp. It did take 45 minutes to an hour to get to Courtney’s one way, but it was worth it.

Weird: The entire time I was in the East Bay the only pictures I got were of Courtney!


The holiday was so great – had fun listening to Isabella recite her music and play for me her composition on the piano. Isabella was so willing to play for me, show me gymnastics on the balance beam Emil made for her, and to also generously spend time with me. It was glorious.

And now, in Ajo, AZ, I am surrounded by interesting life: Palo Verde trees, Saguaros, various other cacti, coyotes howling in the early mornings, woodpeckers stuffing things into Saguaros, etc. I have had a leisurely touring of the town of Ajo, which is very small but sweet. The plaza is really beautiful – I am sorry if my pictures don’t convey their beauty – and there are interesting things around the town.

Church on the plaza

saguaro-ajo  saguaro


the wild nearby my RV campsite in Ajo


Rusted tin cans in a nearby area. The trash found in places like this is amazing. So prevalent and surprising. 



Palo Verde Tree – all green, including the bark!

I was able to take Lympia on a hike in a beautiful canyon, Alamo Canyon, in the Organ Pipe National Monument about 30 miles from my rv park. Gorgeous, with mountains surrounding the park, lots of organ pipe cactus and saguaro. Also, in this area are several mines for copper, gold, Arizona metals, etc. I did visit one in town, where the manager, a long time miner wants to see Trump help reopen the mine. He claims there are millions of pounds of copper still left in the mine. How will Trump help to do this? By relaxing the environmental controls on mining and the byproducts the industry creates, thereby enabling the owners of the mine to employ once again. Ugh.


Alamo Canyon, Organ Pipe Nat’l Monument


A baby Chollo cactus. I found her to be really beautiful.

Another great part of this town is the artist’s community that has taken over the ‘conference’ center just outside of the plaza. Really beautiful grounds that have been transformed into an edible garden where the products get sold each week, and a demonstration garden that showcases flowering and xeriscaping. I will be going down to the farmers market tomorrow morning – see what I can find.

veggie-garden-inside-comples a veggie garden in the courtyard of the ‘conference’ center where artists have taken over the production of an organic garden, chickens raised for eggs, and education for what flora would best grow in this region

conference-bldg-for-artists The ‘Sonoran Desert Conference Center’ 

Lots of flowering plants in a demonstration garden out front of the center. Flowering in December!

Talking with my teacher, Sharda Rogell, we were questioning whether it was time to be done with this trip altogether. I don’t feel ‘done’, baked, or ready to re-enter the world of stationary living. The reason is because I still feel nagging in the back of my mind, that will surface as dissatisfaction when I return. The nagging is that I have not completely gotten myself to a place of confidence and security that I want to have when I settle down. I am stronger now than I was when I started this trip, but I do feel I need to come back with a clarity and sense of purpose.  I have never lived alone and this is my chance to find a measure of who I am and what it is I want.

I will probably wait until after the holidays to write again, especially since I will be seeing most of you soon.


All my love and gratitude for you, my friends and family,



2 thoughts on “Arizona, Again!

  1. Terry Edeli says:

    Wow….Gorgeous photos. And appreciate your reflections at the end…. I sensed a connection between the stunning desert photos and the deep ruminations on settling down alone. Powerful! Looking forward to seeing you in December.


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