Fun, Reality Testing and Connections

I was asked recently what I have learned thus far on my trip. I like to think I have learned a lot about my ego/self, not to mention all the technical things I’ve learned about driving and setting up the trailer.  I am so conscious of my mind and how powerful it is in the making of my experience and how it determines my time day to day.

I have sensed that I learned a lot on this trip and yet, have not ‘cured’ my loneliness and aloneness. I am understanding in a visceral way, that my life is so about my perception and how I use my mind and my innate and learned skills to go forward. For example, I realized tonight that I am a bit fearful of the winds and the likelihood of very cold weather. I am faced with the choice of going out and doing what I want to do and the pull to stay inside to be as safe (seemingly) as can be. (Mind you, this rig of 22 feet of aluminum is not at all ‘safe’ in all weather.  I am facing snow and freezing temps in the next week and feel this is not really what I had in mind, especially driving in the inclement weather.)

Speaking with my friend, I rattled off a lot of what I had learned but now feel a detachment  from those ideas. I am still very much in a learning mode with the aid of people I love, including Allison who visited me for a week in Sedona, AZ.  I am also very aware that I am in a privileged position to travel for so long and not have to worry about keeping a job. I will have to when I settle down, but for now I am free to explore my inner life as well as the outer one.

An aspect of healing is having fun and that is just what we did in Sedona. Wow! The rock sliding at Slide Rock State Park was so much fun! I really can’t believe I actually did it. One should have a little more cushioning on the butt to make it painless but I still felt the thrill of being taken along the creek. We had other adventures as well, hiking up canyons and rock formations, seeing a bat (!) in a rock crevice, eating great food, and generally having a good time with great weather.

Allison, Cathedral Hill, Sedona, AZ


hills-surrounding-bell-rock-sedona Hills surrounding Chapel in the Hill. 

me-behind-campsite-sedona-az Me, behind our campsite with a creek.


A bat found between 2 rocks at hip level on our hike to Bell Rock, Sedona.

 Allison and me the first night here. 


amitabha-stupa-sedonaThe Amitabha Stupa in Sedona. sculpture-at-stupasedona

Sculpture on stupa grounds


Allison riding the rocks at Slide Rock State Park!

One of the most wonderful aspects of being out here on my own is knowing I will have contact with those I love. I have a phone date with my dharma buddy every 3 weeks or so, another friend almost as frequently and another who I am still coaching. I also have several games on the iphone going with others: Words with Friends. Fun. Others I speak with from time to time and I have a session with my teacher every so often, as well. So, lots of contact and lots of love coming my way. I really don’t think I could do this trip without the consistent contact from my communities. And of course, my family. It truly allows me to feel whole and connected.

Speaking of connection, I spent a couple of days with my brother, Roy and his wife, Carol just before I went up to Sedona. Right now, they are living in Tucson, AZ. It was wonderful to visit with them and see that their 5 month-old, 50 pound Airdale, played well with Lympia. So satisfying! We will return for a full week in December.


Roy and Angus, Tucson, AZ

I am now in Sante Fe, NM. Lots of fun things here to do. Lympia and I went up the hill to the Audubon Center and Sanctuary where we took a lovely hike in the rain. Today, we will be going on the Ghost Ranch tour. We have been to the art museum and Canyon Rd where there are an abundance of galleries and sculpture gardens.


The Goddess of Compassion in a lovely garden supporting Tibet; Ghandi in another

sculptureart-canyonrdsfA lovely way to see the world!sculptureart-canyonrd-sf

She reminds me on my granddaughter, Isabella composing music in a relaxed way.


And, in Gallup, NM. A visitor in my campground. 


A bull snake on our afternoon walk.

BIG NEWS: I have taken off the ring Tom gave me that kinda looks like a wedding ring that I have worn on my left hand wedding finger. The minute I did, I cried. I am still wanting him to be with me, here and now. But, as my friend said, I am not going to meet anyone with that ring on. It has been rather quiet. So, just to try a little reality of not being married any longer and not having a partner, I took it off. I am hoping this is another step in my healing.

Enough for now!

Look forward to seeing you all in December!

All my love,





6 thoughts on “Fun, Reality Testing and Connections

  1. Dear Elizabeth,
    It is so so nice to hear from you and to read your deep soulful writing about your experiences and inner journey. Thank you for sharing with us your deep inner life.
    You are so inspiring to me in the way that you continually are in dialogue with your world within, and around you. You explore the meaning of everything on your path’s journey.
    Well, I have returned from Ireland following a wonderful experience of connecting with family and friends and of presenting Rosen Method there in three different places. Each 3 hour presentation, which included a demonstration of a real session, was very well received. Also many people asked for a session which I did not expect. It was all quite amazing and very encouraging. The weather was beautiful with plenty of sunshine and warmer days than one would expect for October. I feel really blessed. Three of my sisters who were involved in the preparations with me were very supportive.
    We celebrated Sue’s 70th Birthday today in Joanna’ s home! You are always in our circle and we miss you. Over the next few months I am going to be preparing my home to put on the marked in March, So I will be clearing out stuff and you know what that is all about. Please do hold me in your precious heart during this time of transition.
    I am sorry to be missing you–Joanna is looking forward to seeing you very soon. You will enjoy Richard Rohr together!

    With much love and blessings to you. You are in my heart.

    Catherine. ☯💞☮ 💓🕉 💗☪


    • Thanks so much for this, Catherine! Wow, transitions all around! I do hope your home gets sold fast and easy for you.I miss you and the group so much. Maybe I will see you in December or January? Much love to you, E


  2. sandra russum says:

    Oh, I loved your comments on the mind and the honesty of your feelings. Sedona looks so inviting. I miss you and your wisdom. Tom would be so happy that you are moving forward. I too am moving forward with my granddaughter and my health issues, they too are lonely, because only I can deal with my mind around these issues. I am also grateful for them, because as painful as they are, I know they move me forward, where I have no idea. You are loved. S


    • Thank you for this Sandra. So glad you finally were able to get on. Yes, I can imagine your loneliness as well. Do know, me and the group are with you all the way. We are rooting for you, your granddaughter and for our lives as connected beings filled with love. I miss you, Sandra. I really hope to see you in December. Are you around? Lots of love, E


  3. Terry Edeli says:

    Wow….The adventure continues. Thanks for sharing both the outer journey and the inner one. Your reflections spark my own personal thinking, which I so appreciate. And it’s a treat to follow both your journeys….
    With love….and wondering what’s next….and hoping to see you in December…


  4. Hi Elizabeth,

    As you know, I tried to reply when I first saw this and my long note disappeared so here I go and hope it arrives this time! I LOVED being in Sedona with you. It was such a gift to be surrounded by the healing energy of those amazingly majestic red rocks. There is such a beautiful stillness there that is deeply satisfying, to just walk or sit and do nothing. But it was also nice to challenge ourselves with sliding down rocks in freezing cold water and hiking the hills and wading through streams to continue a hike. Loved the balance of the quiet and the adventure. Back in the busy-ness of the Bay Area and the post election shock, I am longing for this peace and joy that feel elusive right now. Going to meditation tonight though…..

    I am so grateful to read your deeply personal and honest and vulnerable words about your inner and outer journey. It is quite rare and refreshing to receive sharing like this on a regular basis. It really strengthens our connection with you so I just wanted to express how much I appreciate it and cherish it as others do. You inspire me to grow and try new things even when I am very afraid. Thank you friend. I love you and look forward to seeing you in December. And thanks for all the great photos here. Even though I have seen most of them I still enjoy them.



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