Big Mama, Lympia and Me

I will be traveling in a Roadtrek 200 Popular, vintage 2003 with my dog, Lympia. It sleeps 2 and there will be visitors along the way from my community who will share this mobile home.  I look forward to seeing Renee, Olga and Allison in Oregon. Jane, Michele, and Amy will join me in Washington state. In Canada, Amy and Laurie will hopefully meet up with me. Others are scheduled around the country and I am so glad because I know I’ll need a Bay Area shot in the arm every once in a while.


After reading Leaning into Love, by Elaine Mansfield, I am ready to walk/drive into my new life. It was a great read and I am so glad I read it before I left on my trip. Her experiences were similar to mine as we both had a great long-term marriage, 2 kids, and she felt she was in the shadow of a great man. My husband was a great man, too. He was a director of an independent school and a spokesperson for the national progressive education movement. He wrote Loving Learning, How progressive education can save American schools. I highly recommend it if you are interested in the way we educate our children and how we can spearhead social justice through teaching our kids.


This is a 2012 picture of Tom I took while we celebrated our 33 wedding anniversary in Truckee, CA. It was a beautiful day, a wonderful trip and I took great pics of my love!